Graduate Story: Ruth Mulvaney

Graduate Story Ruth Mulvaney

“We’ve been able to align our entire strategy with SDGs”

Ruth Mulvaney
Chief Financial Officer at Phonovation 
Diploma in Business Sustainability Graduate

What inspired you to complete a sustainability course?

I had planned for Phonovation to become a more sustainable company, but at that time, we focused only on the climate aspect. Going paperless was the first thing, and COVID-19 helped this because we were all forced to work from home. Finance teams, in general, can be very paper-heavy with the printing of invoices. We haven’t used a printer since 2020 and wrote to all our suppliers and banks, asking them to ensure all correspondence and information was transmitted to us via email. We made it clear we wouldn’t accept anything by post. 

Why did you choose the Institute of Sustainability Studies?

I have completed a lot of online free introductory courses on sustainability and climate change. I was researching for about two to three years. I wanted to complete the certified course because I felt it showed a bit more credibility. It was also important for me that the course was online because I am a single mum of two kids, with a full-time job, and two dogs, and they all have after-school activities. I would find it nearly impossible if I were to stick to a certain day in person. The reviews from the course alumni and quality faculty gave me confidence that ISS was a credible institute.

How was your learning experience with the Institute of Sustainability Studies?

It was brilliant. The platform was really easy to use, and the course being self-paced helped as I could pause the videos to write down notes. I also enjoyed the vast array of topics the course covered and how well-structured the lectures were. The lecturers were experts in their areas, and you could see their passion. The course offered great flexibility, which was 100% the main reason I was able to do it.

How have the insights and knowledge gained from the course helped your business?

This year we’ve been able to take our sustainability efforts further, aligning our whole strategy to the SDGs. We’re also in the process of applying to become a B Corporation. It’s not just because of me, people want to work for and support a sustainable organisation.

One area where the course has been particularly helpful is in the process of applying for tenders. We’ve found if we go for government tenders or large corporation tenders, the first questions are always around how sustainable we are. They ask: have you got a plan? Now, we can answer this honestly. We’re not perfect, but at least we’re on the journey.

Would you recommend the course to other people?

I believe the future is going to be all about sustainability, and if you don’t understand the terms and technologies around it, you’re going to be on the back foot.



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