Sustainability Advisory Council​​

Depth of knowledge and advice

We have brought together a group of industry and academic leaders to share best practices and help us to ensure that our courses are leading-edge. We call this the group the Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC).

Some of the best minds and practitioners in sustainability attend our Sustainability Advisory Council. With this depth of knowledge assisting us, you can be sure that the quality and delivery of the courses are to the very highest standards

The SAC comprises leaders in climate change, sustainability management and ESG from across the globe, along with educators, industry influencers, employers and pedagogical experts.

This ensures that the courses that we deliver are exactly what is required of the modern, forward thinking professional.

Please get in contact if you would like more information on the SAC or would like to take part as an active member of the SAC.

Our Sustainability Advisory Council consists of:


Role of the Council

What our graduates say

Learn how our courses have helped participants from all backgrounds develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainability in business and take action.

"This course provided me with key insights and knowledge on a variety of sustainability concepts. Many thanks to all the fantastic faculty members for this insightful course."
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Noreen Lacey
Head of Banking, IFAC, Diploma in Business Sustainability graduate