Graduate Story: Marine Kerivel-Brown

Graduate Story Marine Kerival-Brown

“You’ll love the journey and the course will help you grow as a person”

Marine Kerivel-Brown
Head of International Marketing at Duplo International
Diploma in Business Sustainability Graduate

What sparked your interest in pursuing a sustainability course?

The print industry is often seen as a dark industry since waste is typically made of paper-based products. Whether it’s in printed literature or packaging, printing has always been an industry that is ahead of the game when it comes to sustainability. 

We wanted to understand how we can transform from within to improve. We believe there is always room for improvement, no matter what you do or where you are. Understanding meant I could identify the main challenges and problem areas and ultimately deep dive into what to do.

Why did you choose the Institute of Sustainability Studies?

What drew me to the Institute of Sustainability Studies course was its practical approach. The course is broken down into 12 modules, and each module comes with an overview of the issue. The course then provides the tools to help you get started. 

The practical side of the course is also very important when you are working, and you have a full-time job. You gain an understanding of the tools very quickly and can apply them efficiently in the real world. What also stood out very strongly in the course was the level of expertise and enthusiasm of the faculty. 

I’m at the beginning of my business sustainability journey, but I do feel I have developed a deeper understanding. I could easily reach out to the faculty members if I felt lost. Now, I’m in a place where I have a really solid toolbox I can return to at any time.

Did you enjoy the course and its content?

There’s a very logical approach to the modules. I appreciated that there was some repetition because I believe it is vital for learning. The course content is all done very well, and the modules are delivered in the order that you will need them. It’s down to individual circumstances, but for me, the flexibility of the course was very important. I have a full-time job, but I’m also a parent, so I need to do the training and coursework in my own time when it suits me. The bottom line is I wouldn’t have been able to do the course if it wasn’t self-paced.

Have you been able to successfully implement the learnings from the course?

In terms of what I’ve started to apply, I’m working on a kind of roadmap for our organisation. I’m deep-diving into things and in the process of completing materiality assessments. 

This has proven to be a great opportunity to engage with stakeholders of the business. Once I complete the materiality assessment, this will push me out to the next step and the next one. My goal is to publish our sustainability roadmap by early 2025, and I’m using the tools made by the Institute of Sustainability Studies faculty.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about doing the course?

Do it. If someone is not certain, they can only learn and grow from joining the course. You may not be able to apply everything; it depends on many different factors, particularly where you are in your life. You’ll love the journey and the learning, and the course will help you grow as a person.



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