Graduate Story: Morilie Taiwo

Morilie Taiwo (1)

“The course knowledge has been invaluable to me”

Morilie Taiwo
British Ministry of Defense
Diploma in Business Sustainability

Why did you choose to do a Diploma course in business sustainability?

I have always had a passion for sustainability. Throughout my career, I have always acted in various roles that encouraged and championed sustainability in the workplace. So, I had a lot of work experience but no formal accreditation. This course gave me a recognised qualification that consolidated theory and practice.

Why did you choose the Institute of Sustainability Studies?

The course was very comprehensive, and the content looked excellent. I also liked that it was university accredited, so you gained a globally recognised qualification, and the staff were very approachable.

How was your learning experience with the Institute of Sustainability Studies?

Very good. I enjoyed the content, and it was made very easy to follow.

How have you been able to apply the course knowledge in your career/your business? And what has it helped you achieve?

Yes, very much so. I am part of the ESG steering group at work, and it has been invaluable to me. I am also doing an MSc in sustainability, and the knowledge I gained has informed my studies.

What about the course did you like the most?

I really liked the course structure; I found it easy to follow, and the content was of high quality.

What would you like to say to someone who might be on the fence about enrolling in the course? Would you be happy to recommend the Diploma course to someone on a similar journey?

Well worth doing it; it’s a great course. Just make sure that you are self-motivated for self-study.


If you are interested in gaining a comprehensive and practical understanding of key sustainability concepts and learning to implement sustainability best practices to confidently lead sustainability initiatives within your organisation, or advance your career in sustainability, start your learning journey today with the Diploma in Business Sustainability.

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Diploma in Business Sustainability

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