Leadership Team

The Institute of Sustainability Studies was established by dedicated experts with extensive experience in sustainability and educational delivery. Our leadership team possesses a profound understanding of developing and imparting world-class educational offerings. Comprising educators, entrepreneurs, strategists, and creative minds, we are collectively driven by our goal to make sustainability education straightforward and accessible to all.


Justin Cullen

Executive Chairman

Justin is a seasoned business leader with a deep specialisation in transformation, innovation, and impact. A pioneer in digital transformation since the mid-1990s, he has recently redirected his expertise towards sustainability and circularity. 

As the chair of Junk Kouture, a global initiative that champions creativity and sustainability among the youth, Justin oversees a platform that has engaged over 100,000 individuals from 35 countries, significantly magnifying its influence on the upcoming generation.

Niall Collins

Niall Collins

Chief Operating Officer

Niall is a dedicated sustainability professional and climate practitioner, who brings a wealth of experience to the Institute of Sustainability Studies. With a Master’s in Sustainable Energy and Green Technology, Niall’s background includes several years in sustainability consulting, where he assisted organisations across diverse sectors in initiating their sustainability journeys. 

With advisory roles at Sway, Clearstream Solutions, and KPMG Sustainable Futures under his belt, Niall offered expertise in strategy development, Life Cycle Assessments, carbon footprint analysis, and resource management. He leverages this rich tapestry of experiences to propel ISS forward, applying his extensive knowledge to foster the development of comprehensive sustainability education.

Shruthi Prakash

Shruthi Prakash

Marketing Manager

Shruthi is a dynamic and dedicated digital marketer who spearheads our marketing efforts to raise awareness of our offering and create demand for our courses. With a deep-rooted passion for the digital realm, she skillfully crafts campaigns that not only engage but resonate deeply with our audience, thanks to her people-first approach. 

Her marketing strategies, which are both value-led and solution-oriented, have been instrumental in expanding our audience, driving profitability, and amplifying our impact. Shruthi also holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA). Committed to eco-conscious living, she reduces her carbon footprint through mindful resource use, inspiring others to embrace sustainable choices. 

Nazia Husain

Nazia Naheed Husain

Product Manager

Nazia is a seasoned environmental policy expert with a robust background in sustainable partnership development, content strategy, project management, environmental research, and policy formulation. With a Master’s in Environmental Policy from UCD, her expertise enriches our curriculum, guiding our faculty and guest speakers in crafting practical and comprehensive modules that delve into crucial business sustainability topics. 

Beyond ISS, Nazia is a proactive member of the Zero Waste Alliance of Ireland, where she contributes to significant policy submissions to the European Commission. A staunch supporter of upcycling initiatives, she champions the principle of ‘reduction’ as a priority over ‘recycling’ and ‘reuse’, advocating for sustainable practices at the core of environmental stewardship.

tom buttery

Tom Buttery

Corporate Education Advisor

Tom is a skilled sustainability professional, adept in forging corporate sustainability partnerships and experienced in not-for-profit ed-tech initiatives. Having established reforestation partnerships with renowned companies across various industries, he is now passionate about guiding many more on a comprehensive journey towards sustainability. 

With a Master’s in Business Management from the University of East Anglia, Tom is well-equipped to assist businesses in crafting educational pathways that align seamlessly with their sustainability goals and aspirations.

richie denieffe

Richie Denieffe

Course Advisor

Armed with a Postgraduate Degree in Design Thinking for Sustainability from University College Dublin, Richie stands out as an innovative problem-solver with a flair for interpersonal communication. 

His commitment to promoting sustainability through education has made him keen to guide both individuals and organisations on their learning journeys towards sustainability. Having honed exceptional interpersonal skills during his tenure in the hospitality industry, Richie now applies these skills in the corporate realm, offering effective guidance to past, current, and potential participants on their educational path.


Christian Iheacho

Frontend Developer | Technical Integration Manager

With a Master’s in Computing from Griffith College Dublin and over five years of frontend development experience, Christian is a skilled Frontend Developer and Technical Integration Specialist. Proficient in HTML, CSS, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, React, and WordPress, he excels at creating responsive, mobile-optimized, and visually appealing digital experiences. 

Known for his strong track record in API integration, Christian ensures seamless system communication. At ISS, he applies his extensive IT knowledge to maintain our website’s smooth operation, ensuring it provides essential information for potential participants starting their learning journey.

Alex comerford

Alex Comerford

Operations Manager

Alex, originally a structural engineer with extensive experience in the construction sector, shifted his career towards sustainability, first earning a Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering, followed by a master’s degree in Finance and Renewable Energy from UCD. 

A fervent advocate for sustainable business practices across diverse industries, he is deeply committed to living and promoting an environmentally responsible lifestyle. For ISS, Alex is crucial in enhancing efficiency and ensuring success, leveraging his background and passion for sustainability to make a significant impact.