Diploma in Business Sustainability

Elevate your expertise in business sustainability through a globally-recognised and sought-after qualification. Learn to master sustainability action and reporting, transforming regulatory compliance into a strategic advantage for your organisation.

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31st July 2024

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7th Aug 2024

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3 - 5 hours per week with additional resources


Recommended 3 months of self-paced learning with 12 months of access to course materials.

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“This course offered immense theoretical and practical learning that exposed me to sustainability best practices that successful organisations such as mine can benefit from.”
"11 Encirc employees gained a strong understanding of sustainability challenges in business and ways to contribute."
"The Diploma course helped me gain practical understanding of business sustainability, including measurement tools. Highly recommended for implementing sustainable practices."

What you’ll learn

The Diploma in Business Sustainability is university credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University. This means it undergoes a rigorous process to meet the university’s educational standards. Credits are internationally recognised under the European Qualifications Framework. This Diploma course is also CPD certified.

Exam & Certificate

Online Assessment and MCQ

You’ll take two online assessments; one after you’ve completed Module 6 and the other after you have completed Module 12. Once you pass both the assessments you’ll be awarded your Diploma in Business Sustainability.

Expert-led masterclasses for additional insights and networking

These exclusive online masterclasses for Diploma participants provide unparalleled access to the latest sustainability insights and strategies from industry leaders. Learn from top experts, explore innovative solutions, and connect with a professional community focused on sustainable innovation. Highlights include interactive breakout sessions for tackling specific challenges. Enrol in the Diploma in Business Sustainability to access our full masterclass series.

Upcoming masterclass topic:

The benefits and best practices of the circular economy

Expert Speaker:

Dr. Maurizio Catulli

Senior Lecturer in Sustainability Innovations, University of Hertfordshire and Faculty at the Institute of Sustainability Studies

In this masterclass, you will gain an understanding of circular economy principles that can be integrated into the value chain, learn how business networks can play a key role in supporting circular economy business models, and much more.

A comprehensive course with practical insights


Danielle McCormick, Faculty for Diploma in Business Sustainability

Next course commences

31st July 2024

Enrolments close on 30th July 2024.

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7th Aug 2024
(Self-paced, guided and an immersive learning experience)
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Diploma in Business Sustainability


The Diploma with a difference

Explore key features of our Diploma in Business Sustainability



Covers all aspects of sustainability

Live lectures


24/7 access to course materials all in one place


Flexible learning

Self-paced learning on your own time

Build Skills

Build skills

Ideal for professionals leading or contributing to sustainability initiatives

Demistify Key topics

Demystifies key topics

Gain a clear understanding of sustainability concepts

meet participants

Network with peers

Interact with fellow learners in the course community


Practical templates

Ready-to-use tools to assess and report on business sustainability

Industry experts

Industry experts

Course facilitators are practitioners drawing from real-world experiences

Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

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Is the Diploma course for you?

Find out how this course can help you.

This Diploma in Business Sustainability is designed for a wide range of professionals who are keen to enhance their knowledge and skills in sustainable business practices. The course is ideal for anyone committed to driving sustainable change within their organisation or the wider business landscape.

It is particularly suitable for business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs, in addition to sustainability professionals, environmental consultants, and employees across all functions and sectors looking to gain a foundational understanding of sustainability in business.

Comprehensive Diploma course curated by industry experts

Sustainability in business is fast-moving and all-encompassing. This Diploma course keeps pace with changing trends and developments, equipping participants with relevant insights and practical tools.

“I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough — an information-dense trip from the drive to net zero to the fundamentals of circular economy. Particularly enjoyed learning how to get ready for CSRD!”
Sheena Crean
Sheena Crean
Banking Professional, Diploma in Business Sustainability graduate

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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Speak to our course advisor or email us at learning@instituteofsustainabilitystudies.com.

You don’t have to have any prior educational experience or qualification in business sustainability or environmental science to undertake this course. The Diploma course has been built as a comprehensive, immersive, and foundational course and participants with little to no knowledge of sustainability have successfully completed the course in the past.  

This is a completely online course hosted on a highly user-friendly Learning Management System called Thinkific. With around-the-clock accessibility for 12 months, participants can interact with the course content and learn at their own pace and time from anywhere in the world. 

An important feature that comes with the course is ISS Connect, an engaging community channel accessible to all course participants. You can use this space to interact with your peers, submit your responses to the learning activities of the course, and clear your doubts with the faculty members available on the channel. 

Secondly, an exclusive series of masterclasses are held live online on topics of central importance to business sustainability. These classes led by industry experts will provide you with an opportunity to meet your faculty members and peers in real time and network with them.

The Diploma in Business Sustainability course has been developed by a panel of world-class industry experts, practitioners, and researchers, who are at the forefront of practical and tangible sustainability projects and forums across the globe. Our faculty bring their finest expertise to the table and continually help to improve the modules they have designed and developed. See our faculty page to learn more.

The Diploma in Business Sustainability is university credit-rated by the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), a highly-rated UK university. The Diploma is recognised at Level 7 on the Scottish Curriculum and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) and a level 5 on the European Qualification Framework (EQF) making it internationally recognised. The course has undergone thorough due diligence and one audit cycle conducted by GCU to ensure that the course continues to meet the learning outcomes of the educational level it has been credit-rated. 


The Diploma in Business Sustainability has also been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to Continuing Professional Development principles. This qualification is indicated on the Diploma certificate that you will receive upon completion of the course.

Each participant needs to undertake 2 assessments. The first assessment is at the halfway mark i.e. after Module 6 which assesses you on your learning from modules 1-6. The second assessment is at the end of the course i.e. after Module 12 which assesses you on your learning from modules 7-12. Both assessments are in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and participants are marked as per the grading criteria below:





70 and above DISTINCTION

You will be tested on the learning outcomes from each module, with 10 questions allocated to each module with a total of 60 MCQs per assessment. You will have 90 minutes for each assessment (1.5 minutes per question). You need to achieve 50% overall (average of both assessments) in order to pass and qualify for the Diploma certificate.

Absolutely! We’ve previously had teams enrol for the course from various sectors and industries, and it is a great way to embed sustainability within your organisation. If you’re interested in participating in teams of five or more, email us at learning@instituteofsustainabilitystudies.com.

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