Our Mission

Climate change, environmental degradation and the pressing need for social equity are putting increased pressure on all organisations from all industry sectors to change their conventional way of doing business and adopt more ethical and sustainable business practices. According to the American Venture Capitalist, John Doerr, considered by many to be at the forefront of climate change a sustainability, 70% of total global emissions are created by businesses.

Our aim is to raise the awareness levels – and abilities – of organisations of all types and help them to continue to be successful while implementing sustainability practices throughout their operations. We have taken best practice learnings from some of the world’s leading academics and enterprises, and turned these into practical tools that you can implement in your organisation for a sustainable transition.

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What our graduates say

Learn how our courses have helped participants from all backgrounds develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainability in business and take action.

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough – an information dense trip from the drive to Net Zero, to the fundamentals of Circular Economy and all things Green Lending and ESG.
Sheena Crean
Sheena Crean
Banking Professional