About Us

The Institute of Sustainability Studies (ISS) is a pioneering educational institution dedicated to providing practical tools and expert insights to integrate sustainability into various organisational contexts. Our flagship offering is our Diploma in Business Sustainability course which is designed to equip participants with a deep understanding of key sustainability topics.

The curriculum is comprehensive, practical, and flexible, accessible to participants across the globe via our online learning platform.

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Our Mission

All companies, no matter their size, can be successful in weaving sustainability into their operations. However, there is a substantial need to demystify sustainability and make it more accessible. We strive to break down these barriers, offering hands-on, comprehensive education backed by some of the world’s leading academics and enterprises. We’re committed to empowering individuals and businesses to close the gap between intention and action.


Our Vision

Through our practicality-focused online courses, we aspire to create a community of informed leaders who feel empowered to take action on sustainability in any business and drive positive change seamlessly.


Our Values

Practical Empowerment: We value the power of practical learning to equip individuals and businesses with the necessary tools to integrate sustainability into their core operations effectively.

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What our graduates say

Learn how our courses have helped participants from all backgrounds develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainability in business and take action.

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough – an information dense trip from the drive to Net Zero, to the fundamentals of Circular Economy and all things Green Lending and ESG.
Sheena Crean
Sheena Crean
Banking Professional