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Every organisation is trying to figure out how to develop and implement their own sustainability strategy. Our courses are created and delivered by real-world sustainability practitioners in order for you to get going, as quickly as possible.

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Daragh O’Tuama, Content Manager & Sustainability Officer,
Code Institute

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“I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough — an information-dense trip from the drive to net zero to the fundamentals of circular economy. Particularly enjoyed learning how to get ready for CSRD!”
Sheena Crean
Sheena Crean
Banking Professional
“So much knowledge, passion for sustainability, and expertise shared across 12 key modules. Thank you to all the speakers, experts and ofcourse, fellow students who shared the journey.”
Marine Kerivel-Brown
Head of International Marketing, Duplo International
“I would recommend this Diploma course. It is a great opportunity to learn from insightful academics and other participants and organisations who are from diverse industries.”
Martin Beasley
Martin Beasley
Group Leader - Enterprising Barnsley, Barnsley Council
“This course offered immense theoretical and practical learning that exposed me to sustainability best practices that successful organisations such as mine can benefit from.”
Annill Daniel
Head of Business Solutions, Digicel BVI
"The Diploma in Business Sustainability course helped 11 Encirc employees gain clarity and understand key sustainability topics, and have insightful and impactful conversations with our clients.”
Theresa Clarke
Theresa Clarke
Environmental Manager, Encirc
"The Diploma course helped me gain practical understanding of business sustainability, including measurement tools. Highly recommended for implementing sustainable practices."
Ronan Gourley
Independent Business Consultant
“I was able to bridge the gap in my understanding of the challenges we face in terms of sustainability. Gained plenty of insights thanks to the guest speakers and breakout sessions, which facilitated the sharing of ideas and experiences.”
Mirko Rocco
Mirko Rocco
Marketing and Communications Technology Consultant
“Highly recommended this course for anyone in commercial real estate. It was important for me to understand the value drivers our customers include in their global strategies and the significance of how we can assist them. ”
Shaun Taylor
End User Business Manager, HID Global
“It has been a deep-dive journey into the subject of sustainability, focusing on the practical side of things, what it means for organisations; large and SMEs, in the UK or operating multi-nationally! Would highly recommend this course!”
Paola Zekkou
Start-up Board Advisor and Sustainability Consultant
“This course covered key sustainability topics and provided us with a greater understanding of opportunities and challenges that companies face on their journey of change to a more sustainable business model.”
Kate Lynch
Kate Lynch
Operations Manager, Encirc
“I’ve learned so much on this sustainability journey having completed the Diploma and I hope that my knowledge and experience will shed light on this critical intersection and spur more conversation around it.”
Kosmas Krokidas
Kosmas Krokidas
Group Marketing Director, Goody’s
“This course was easy to keep on top of while working full-time. It helped me gain a better understanding of key concepts and hit the ground running in my new sustainability role. I also liked the interactive element.”
Mandy Hughes
Sustainability Manager, DeltaQ
"This is definitely one of the better courses that our team has taken. We are now in a position to get up and running with our – long overdue – sustainability plan."
Rocky Wall
Founder & CEO, Wink Lighting
"This course allowed us as a company to prioritize the topics that matter most to our organisation and align our sustainability strategy with the UN SDGs."
Brian Reed
CEO, Deli Lites Ireland
"The course was engaging, informative and a good first step into understanding sustainability and reporting obligations as a business."
Louise O’Connor
CSR Strategist, Strong Roots
"Since taking the course, the reality of needing to adopt a sustainable approach to both the working and domestic environments became very evident."
Mark McBride
Technical Manager, Elite Electronic Systems
"I have understood that our company must assess our sustainability footprint and prioritise areas within our business that can contribute to global carbon reduction efforts."
Ivy Hogan
EHSQ Manager, King & Moffat
"This course helped me ground things into core priorities that I can now apply to my business to create company-wide initiatives for change."
Suzanne Frazer
Head of Technical & NPD, Pan Euro Foods
“Fantastic online Diploma course. Great content, workshops, collaboration with sustainability leaders and fellow students.”
Pete Best
Pete Best
UK & Eire Commercial & Sustainability Lead, Summit Medical Group Ltd
“Thank you to Institute of Sustainability Studies. I now feel fully equipped in understanding the sustainability challenges and opportunities that organisations face.”
Tamsin Batey
Governance Administrator, Magenta Living
“Thanks to Institute of Sustainability Studies for the excellent course. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in starting their journey within their organisation.”
Ruth Mulvaney
Executive Leader and Chief Financial Officer, Phonovation
"This course simplified things with key learnings and real-world examples. We are now better equipped to create and implement a sustainability plan that matters to our people and the organisation."
Gary McLoughlin
Communications & Content Manager, Intact Software
"The thing I liked most about the course was its practicality. ISS are breaking sustainability down into more manageable learning phases and the breakout groups were so beneficial."
Jill Downey
Chief Sustainability & Sponsorship Officer, Core
“This course gave me an understanding of the impending EU legislation and reporting obligations, the practice of circular economy, sustainability plan implementation, and ESG reporting.”
Aisling Brosnan
Aisling Brosnan
Buying, Retail, and Sustainability Consultant
“Thank you to all the amazing people who guided and facilitated a fantastic learning experience, providing knowledge of all things sustainability and what can be accomplished going forward.”
Gemma Martin
Gemma Martin
Logistics Reporting and Sustainability Manager, Encirc
“I took this course to gain a grounding in the requirements of organisations to implement sustainable practices. It was fantastic to benefit from the faculty’s academic and practical expertise.”
Jane O’Hara
Scientist and Climate Campaign Leader
“Delighted to be certified in business sustainability. This aligns with StoneLough’s commitment to drive positive change & sustainable practices. A massive thank you to the tutors.”
Sarah Fearon
Social Value Consultant, StoneLough Consultancy
"Many thanks to all the fantastic lecturers, and guest speakers who helped deliver this insightful course in an engaging and compelling manner."
Noreen Lacey
Head of Banking, IFAC
“This incredible course broadened by understanding of sustainability practices, equipping me with the knowledge and skills to identify opportunities for sustainable growth.”
Jainam Bajaria
Business Development, Sphera
"This intensive course curated by leading experts covers a broad range of topics that organisations need to build into every part of their business."
Sinead O’Donovan
Business Systems Architect, Cisco

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