Graduate Stories
Graduate Story Aisling Brosnan

Graduate Story: Aisling Brosnan

Learn how Aisling Brosnan gained a competitive edge with her Diploma in Business Sustainability, enhancing her profile as a consultant.

Dianne Hill

Graduate Story: Dianne Hill

Discover how the course boosted Dianne’s career at Vision Linens, enabling her to implement impactful green initiatives.

Graduate Story Shaun Taylor

Graduate Story: Shaun Taylor

Discover Shaun Taylor’s journey through the Diploma in Business Sustainability and how it enhanced his career in critical infrastructure.

Graduate Story Mark Hennigan

Graduate Story: Mark Hennigan

Discover how Mark Hennigan’s journey with the Diploma in Business Sustainability revolutionised his role at Dell.

Graduate Story Paola Zekkou

Graduate Story: Paola Zekkou

Paola Zekkou shares her journey completing the Diploma in Business Sustainability course, highlighting its practical focus.

Diploma in Business Sustainability

Want to gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainability best practices and get equipped with the practical knowledge needed to lead sustainability initiatives at your organisation?