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You’ve seen the headlines and heard from sustainability experts about the challenges that exist in our road to tackle climate change and the need for urgent action. It’s time to bridge the gap between knowing the challenges exist, and taking action to tackle them.

Branded as the one stop for everything related to business sustainability, the ISS Point Newsletter will encapsulate information most relevant to organisations and individuals looking to expand their sustainability knowledge and expertise. It will be a mix of in house information in terms of our courses, insights and events, as well as external news on business sustainability.

Latest Insights

Articles, analyses and branches of knowledge to show you the way of sustainability.

water stewardship

What is water stewardship?

Understand water stewardship and its crucial role in sustainable business practices. Learn how it shapes corporate responsibility & success.

plastic pollution in water bodies

What is deplastification? 

Discover deplastification; the drive to reduce plastic use and its impact on our planet. Learn key strategies for a sustainable future.