Guinness announces partnership with the SEAI

Sustainable Energy Guinness

Guinness, the company that creates Ireland’s beloved stout, has joined forces with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to take action on social and environmental issues. 

The decision to partner with the organisation working with people across the Emerald Isle to transform how we think about and use energy came following research Guinness carried out with publicans in 2022.

Their research brought many issues to the fore. One of which was that 74 percent of publicans want to have a positive impact on the planet. This is precisely what encouraged Guinness to engage in a wider collaboration approach with the SEAI.

Helping the hospitality industry avail of support to go green and save money

The collaboration will see them raise awareness of the support available to the hospitality industry to reduce their carbon footprint as well as their energy bills. This energy support can be found on the Diageo on-trade customer portal, Diageo One.

Some of them include educational workshops facilitated by energy consultants on how to manage energy more efficiently. These workshops will be conducted online and offer practical guidance on how to make outlets more energy efficient and curb costs. 

By reducing costs by 5-10 percent, hospitality businesses, like pubs, for instance, can have the same impact as taking nearly 10,000 cars off public roads. Hospitality businesses can also avail of a 2000 euro voucher from the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland. 

This voucher allows businesses in this field to undergo an energy audit. This audit will assess their current energy usage and offer ways they can further reduce their use and save money. 

Another support is quality information on the SEAI’s energy efficiency and renewable energy grants. Some of these include their solar photovoltaic (PV) panel grant, also referred to as the Solar Electricity Grant.

Using research to identify an appropriate roadmap for the hospitality industry

The research Guinness conducted was facilitated by Sustainability Works, an Irish sustainability consultancy working with organisations and businesses to help them play their role in a sustainable future. Through the research, they pinpointed ten pathways to support the hospitality sector in its transition to becoming more environmentally friendly.

Some of the pathways touch on topics like waste, energy, water, and more and every month, a toolkit on these topics will be available on Diageo One. Publicans can refer to this toolkit for insights and practices on how they can take action. 

The importance of partnerships like these in today’s climate

We are currently facing a major climate crisis, and we need collective action to slow the speed of global warming. The hospitality industry needs a healthy global ecosystem to thrive and is especially vulnerable to environmental damage.

Customers are also demanding that businesses step up and create sustainable business models. Sustainability is a big challenge for everyone, especially with the current cost of living crisis. The SEAI and Guinness are working together so they can help publicans make those necessary changes during these difficult times. 

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