Bronagh Loughlin
Business spotlight - Cpl

Business Spotlights: Cpl

Explore how Cpl is advancing its sustainability journey, focusing on Scope 3 emissions and impactful strategies to foster a greener future.

Green fuels

What is meant by green fuels?

Explore the transformative potential of green fuels to decarbonise industries and drive our shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

Business spotlight - Bold Donut

Business Spotlights: Bold Donut

Discover how Bold Donut turns climate action into fun, engaging games, educating audiences on sustainability with an innovative approach.

Business spotlight - Chupi Sweetman

Business Spotlights: Chupi

Explore how Dublin-based Chupi is redefining jewellery sustainability with beautifully designed, consciously made pieces.

Business spotlight - Encirc

Business Spotlights: Encirc

Explore Encirc’s journey towards zero-emission glass production by 2030, integrating sustainability at every level of their operations.

Business spotlight - Pat Kane

Business Spotlights: reuzi

Explore how reuzi, founded by Pat Kane, champions sustainability in business through innovative products and strategic partnerships.

Diploma in Business Sustainability

Want to gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainability best practices and get equipped with the practical knowledge needed to lead sustainability initiatives at your organisation?

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