Graduate Story: Paola Zekkou

Graduate Story Paola Zekkou

“You get a fantastic 360 of sustainability”

Paola Zekkou
Board Advisory, missionX
Diploma in Business Sustainability Graduate

Can you tell us about your professional background? 

Before doing the course, my career background surrounded technology change and consulting. Since achieving the Diploma, I’ve been focused on continuing on a path of change and transformation but focusing on companies either on their sustainability journey or getting started.

Why did you decide to pursue a sustainability course?

I was looking to pivot and enhance my professional profile while focusing on something of value to have a more positive impact on our world. I was deciding between this Diploma course and others, but I came to realise that this one was more practical and focused on real-life business cases. I also felt it was very up-to-date, with people from the industry covering many of the aspects. Finally, I appreciated that it was online.

How was your learning experience on the course?

You don’t become a sustainability expert, but you do get a fantastic 360 of this topic. The faculty are not only educators but work directly in the areas and industries they cover. I felt 12 weeks was a perfect amount of time for the course.

Who would you recommend the course to? 

The course is fantastic for leaders and board members, as sustainability and change do start from the top. Of course, the rest of the company should also complete the course, but if the team members do it but leaders don’t, we can’t expect the same level of change to occur or engagement. It starts from the top.


If you are interested in gaining a comprehensive and practical understanding of key sustainability concepts and learning to implement sustainability best practices to confidently lead sustainability initiatives within your organisation, or advance your career in sustainability, start your learning journey today with the Diploma in Business Sustainability.


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