Graduate Story: Maddy Wheatley

Graduate Story Maddy Wheatley

“This course made me more qualified to apply for sustainability roles”

Maddy Wheatley
Vet Sustain
Diploma in Business Sustainability Graduate

Can you tell us about your career background?

Before completing the course, I worked in Austria as the Head Animal Keeper for an organisation called Turtle Island, a biodiversity conservation centre. I’m currently working with Vet Sustain to raise awareness and spread education on sustainability issues from a veterinary perspective. 

What inspired you to do a sustainability course?

I was ready to leave the NGO realm and transition into a more sustainability-focused corporate role. Seeing the number of green roles increase also encouraged me to explore the area of business sustainability. I did some mini-courses from the UN, but I wanted something more academic, affiliated with a university, and would ultimately provide me with a qualification.

Tell us about your learning experience on the course

I enjoyed the range of topics and liked all of the educators. The faculty were engaging, approachable and interactive.

Why did you choose our course specifically?

I researched a lot of courses and debated quite a few of them, but I didn’t like the breakdown of what others offered as much. I particularly liked that this course was in English but still Europe-based and that it was university-accredited and taught by world-leading experts. The topics interested me, and I felt the subject matter covered would be relevant. The fact I could do it alongside my full-time job or other commitments was also appealing. 

How paramount was the course in helping you secure your new role?

I think when I wanted to transition from working in biodiversity conservation to business sustainability, I underestimated how different the two areas are. Knowing about sustainability issues solely from a biological perspective was not enough to work on the projects I wanted to get involved in, such as nature-based solutions to climate change. The course made me more qualified to apply for these kinds of roles, and even though I was passionate about this area already, I was surprised to discover how much I did not know.

What would you say to someone who might be on the fence about enrolling in the course?

I think it’s a good course, and it provides a solid overview. If you want an introduction to sustainability, this is a very comprehensive one, and I would recommend it.


If you are interested in gaining a comprehensive and practical understanding of key sustainability concepts and learning to implement sustainability best practices to confidently lead sustainability initiatives within your organisation, or advance your career in sustainability, start your learning journey today with the Diploma in Business Sustainability.

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