Graduate Story: Eithne Devine-Hynes

Graduate Story Eithne Devine-Hynes

“There was a good scope in terms of the variety of topics covered.”

Eithne Devine-Hynes
EDH Management Consulting Ltd
Diploma in Business Sustainability Graduate

Tell me about your professional background

I work in ICT and have primarily specialised in business transformation for the last 13 years.

Why did you decide to do a business sustainability course? 

For me, the concept of CSR is what business transformation is all about so I wanted to put myself in a position where I had an educated point of view on sustainability and CSR so I could support the charge for whatever company I’m working for. 

I was also at a stage where I was pivoting from my last job at Dell and preparing myself for my next thing, so I was focused on making myself more competitive within the talent market. Anything I can do to make myself a more rounded package, the better and every company now has to think about sustainability.  

Why did you choose the course with the Institute of Sustainability Studies? 

I went with my gut instinct and saw that this course was with an Irish institute and it was CPD-certified. At the time, I was moving at full speed, so I didn’t do a major assessment of all available courses. It was a pretty quick decision for me. I did check in with one of my colleagues at Dell to get his thoughts, and he recommended it. Ultimately, it was a matter of the certification level and word of mouth.

Tell us about your learning experience on the course 

I enjoyed the multimedia mix, and it was very well-written and well-organised. Similarly, there was a good scope in terms of the variety of topics covered. 

What has been the impact of completing the course?

I’m using the course as a differentiator, and the course learnings are certainly helping me find new, exciting career opportunities. There are several warm irons in the fire right now, one of which is an energy company that is focusing on business transformation for the next five to seven years. They will be focusing on meeting net zero goals to provide electric vehicle charging and low carbon emissions. They need to do a complete transformation of their operating model and move to self-serve systems. 


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