Module 3



Module Overview

Module 3 delves into the intricacies of executing a sustainability plan, outlining the steps necessary to realise an organisation's environmental, social, and economic objectives. It covers the formulation of sustainability goals, initiation of specific projects or programmes (sustainability initiatives), and the execution of tasks (sustainability actions) to support these initiatives.

        Module length: 3 hours on average

        CPD Hours: 3


Mark pioneered "Sustainable Digital Transformation" at Mainstream Renewable Power, earning the ICMG/Zachman award in 2019. Now CEO of, he advises on technology-driven sustainability and ESG transformations. With over 30 years in diverse sectors including energy and technology, Mark is a noted speaker at Irish events.

A significant focus is placed on stakeholder engagement and securing their buy-in, highlighting the importance of involving key stakeholders in both plan development and implementation phases.

This module also introduces you to metrics and KPIs for tracking progress, risk management strategies for addressing potential obstacles, and the principle of continuous improvement to refine and enhance sustainability efforts over time.

This reflects the duration of Continuous Professional Development learning and the corresponding hours that can be recorded in your CPD Portfolio. These hours contribute towards achieving your qualification.

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