Webinar Topic: Generative Sustainability: The importance of baby steps

Webinar - Marvin

In the evolving discourse of sustainability, the metaphor of ‘baby steps’ is remarkably profound. Just as infants navigate their early years—falling, crying, yet persistently advancing—businesses and individuals can approach sustainability with similar incremental efforts. This analogy perfectly encapsulates the essence of ‘generative sustainability’, where small, consistent actions contribute significantly over time, especially within the digital communication sphere. These seemingly minor steps accumulate, fostering resilience and gradual mastery, vital for enduring environmental and organisational change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the implications of ‘digital traces’ in leadership and social change.
  • Learn to utilise digital communication strategically to further organisational goals.
  • Gain insights into building transparency and trust through collaborative communication.
  • Explore how effective brand positioning can address complex sustainability issues.
  • Discover the principles of ‘generative design’ and its relevance to sustainability initiatives.

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