Sustainability education platform for SMEs aims to raise €1m in funding

Justin Cullen




Justin Cullen, a former senior director at marketing communications agency Core, expects to raise €1m later this year to fund the Institute of Sustainability Studies, an online education platform he launched this month to train global small and medium-sized businesses on how to implement sustainability strategies.

Cullen invested in the startup with seasoned ed-tech entrepreneurs Anthony Quigley and Brendan Nevin, the co-founders of the Code Institute, which teaches coding skills online. Nevin is a former chief executive of AA Ireland. Cullen was inspired to set up the business after he started to chair Junk Kouture, which runs student competitions for fashion designers using recycled materials.

“We invested in the company with initial seed capital, which we intend to increase in the coming months,” he said. “Enterprise Ireland is supporting the business in the form of a feasibility grant. And it is our intention to raise venture funding later this year.

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Institute of Sustainability Studies

Institute of Sustainability Studies

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