Module 6



Module Overview

Module 6 dives into the critical theme of biodiversity, focusing on the importance of the variety of life on Earth and its significance to business practices. It covers ecosystems, their services, and the concept of natural capital, emphasising how businesses benefit from and impact natural environments. You will learn about non-financial reporting and the role of businesses in fostering a nature-positive impact.

        Module length: 5 hours on average

        CPD Hours: 3


Ann lectures on sustainability topics at Glasgow Caledonian University and Dublin City University, and works as a Sustainability Consultant. She has contributed to national and international projects on topics like sustainable development, digital learning, and migrant integration, collaborating with various sectors. Her specialties include Sustainable Transport, Environmental Management, Sustainable Energy, and Climate Change among others.

The module also explores biodiversity policies, regulatory frameworks, and international agreements aimed at conservation.

Through natural capital assessments, you will understand a business’s dependency on and impact on biodiversity, extending this awareness to supply and value chain management.

This reflects the duration of Continuous Professional Development learning and the corresponding hours that can be recorded in your CPD Portfolio. These hours contribute towards achieving your qualification.

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