Why do SMEs have to think about sustainable packaging?

sustainable packaging

Plastic packaging is incredibly wasteful and negatively affects the Earth’s ecosystem. Most plastic is sent to landfills or disposed off due to a lack of political infrastructure and poor product design. 

Plastic is not biodegradable, so every piece of plastic that has ever been created remains on the planet. This material becomes even more problematic when it breaks down, as it can be consumed by marine life. 

Businesses are always looking for proof of a return on investment when it comes to sustainable business practices or sustainable packaging. It’s understandable, and luckily, becoming sustainable in business not only benefits the environment but it also makes business sense. 

What is the plastic packaging challenge?

Packaging remains a top headline, and mentions of the damage plastic causes to the Earth only make consumers more conscious of their purchases. They are aware of their purchasing power and are looking for more planet-friendly options.

Plastic is problematic for the environment on so many levels. It does not ever break down and often ends up in landfills where it is burned. Additionally, it poses threats to the precious ecosystems that we depend on.

According to the World Economic Forum, customers are happy to pay more for services and goods from sustainable businesses. There are many different reasons businesses are turning their attention to eco-friendly packaging. What often holds them back is the worry that more sustainable packaging options come at a greater expense.  

Business as usual will not solve the plastic packaging waste challenge

Continuing to operate your business as normal will not help us fight the plastic packaging waste challenge. What we need is to turn our attention to more environmentally-friendly packaging when implementing sustainable operations.

Plastic is killing our planet, and the only way to stop it is to curb its use. We need to take action to achieve this and apply a forward-thinking approach. The only way to tackle this challenge we face is to curb the production of plastic. 

Vision for a sustainable future

For big companies with hundreds of products, switching to more environmentally-friendly packaging options can be a significant undertaking. This is only more so the case for small and medium enterprises. In saying that, it is actually easier for SMEs to nail their packaging strategy during their initial growth phase. 

They can implement recyclable and sustainable materials to prevent the need to switch further down the line. Packaging has become a huge topic over the past number of years as consumers increasingly care about the planet. As a result, more eco-friendly packaging options than ever are available to us. It is easier than you think to make the switch. 

For example, curbing and replacing plastic packaging where you can. Businesses can instead opt for paper-based packaging materials or recyclable choices. As plastic continues to wreak havoc on the planet, SMEs can either take the smart approach to go sustainable now or do it down the line at a greater expense. 


Switching to sustainable packaging will not only benefit the planet but will also help your business. For one thing, it shows corporate social responsibility and equates to better waste management. In addition, customers will be happier to support your brand, knowing you care about your impact on the planet. Working to become zero waste also helps you reduce your carbon footprint and meet the growing consumer demand for more eco-friendly products and services.

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