Module 2



Module Overview

Module 2 focuses on the development of a comprehensive sustainability plan, guiding you through the creation of a strategic document that integrates sustainable practices into your organisation's operations. It introduces the concept of focus areas, initiatives, sub-goals, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), essential for tracking progress towards sustainability objectives.

        Module length: 3 hours on average

        CPD Hours: 3


Melina, a social entrepreneur, won the UN's "SDGs and Her" award in 2020 for her contributions to implementing Agenda 2030. She leads SDG and ESG initiatives, advising Fortune 1000 companies on CSR and EDI. Melina is a keynote speaker, Think Young Ambassador, TEDx Speaker, BMW Foundation Responsible Leader, and an IVLP Alumna focusing on social responsibility and innovation.

You will explore the sustainability planning framework, materiality assessment, and the importance of a robust communication and reporting plan. Emphasis is placed on aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and adopting the Global Compact’s principles.

This module equips you with the tools to apply sustainability principles and practices effectively, considering the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) and stakeholder engagement.

This reflects the duration of Continuous Professional Development learning and the corresponding hours that can be recorded in your CPD Portfolio. These hours contribute towards achieving your qualification.

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