Module 8


Module 8

Module Overview

Module 8 delves into sustainable finance, illustrating how financial markets, products, and services can bolster economic growth that is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. You will learn about the importance of financial reporting and adherence to regulations, alongside various sustainable finance tools, instruments, and approaches, including green bonds, green loans, and impact investing.

        Module length: 5 hours on average

        CPD Hours: 3


Dr. Seán O'Reilly, an Assistant Professor of Accountancy at UCD, previously headed the Accounting Department at Technological University Dublin. A qualified Chartered Accountant from PwC, he is a leading advocate for sustainable finance, focusing his PhD on 'Essays in Entrepreneurial & Green Finance.' Seán has published research on financing Cleantech firms and sustainability reporting in SMEs.

The module outlines strategies for incorporating sustainable finance into organisational operations and highlights international reporting strategies and regulatory frameworks.

It addresses the mitigation of environmental, economic, and social risks, empowering you to make informed decisions that align financial success with sustainability objectives.

This reflects the duration of Continuous Professional Development learning and the corresponding hours that can be recorded in your CPD Portfolio. These hours contribute towards achieving your qualification.

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