WWF launches digital sustainable business information hub 

wwf - sustainable business information hub

To support businesses on their sustainability journey in fighting the climate crisis, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has launched a digital information hub for sustainable business solutions in Central and Easter Europe. 

Who are the WWF?

One of the largest and most seasoned independent conservation organisations, the World Wide Fund for Nature has more than 5 million supporters and a global network operating in over 100 nations. 

Their goal is to halt the deterioration of the planet’s natural environment and create a future in which people coexist peacefully with nature. To achieve this, they work to protect biodiversity around the world, ensure that renewable natural resources are used sustainably, and encourage people to consume less and produce less waste. 

About the platform

The platform is called “The Future of Business”, and is freely accessible for all interested parties, including start-up innovators, elected officials, corporate leaders, and sustainability experts alike. 

It is hoped that the platform will offer the corporate sector actionable insights on the most recent credible sustainability practices relevant to specific industries. The hub currently has three different forms of media available, such as articles, podcasts, and videos. 

Also available on the platform is “The Future of Business” podcast, which is supported by VELUX, the world’s leading manufacturer of roof windows. Additionally, the environmental organisation will be creating sector-based events whereby experience and knowledge can be shared. 

Also yet to come is a virtual library with practical guidelines and scientific reports. The hub was created with the vision to examine what the future could look like and how to shape it in favour of nature and people. 

WWF’s primary goal with the informative hub is to ignite vital conversations on the business case of sustainability and climate action. It was designed for passionate changemakers who want to have a positive impact on the planet and their business. 

To begin, the platform will share knowledge on primary themes, including water and forest stewardship, climate leadership, food systems, and finance. The first episode of the “The Future of Business” podcast will look at how businesses can push for the transition to a net-zero economy. This episode focuses on corporate climate leadership. 

Why did the WWF create this sustainable business information hub? 

The WWF created this platform to engage businesses in biodiversity conservation, recognising their critical role in combating biodiversity loss and climate change. They know that publicly listed businesses are responsible for around 40 percent of all climate-warming emissions and that while their impact is large, this is also an opportunity. 

The WWF feels the private sector can transform into a driving force for the transition to a nature-positive and net-zero economy. Ultimately, through the knowledge hub, they want businesses to understand that sustainability is not just a side activity but something that should be deeply embedded into the organisation’s existence. 


We recognise education as a barrier to climate action for businesses, and so the arrival of more informative hubs, insights, and tools is crucial in helping to make change happen. If you are ready to address environmental issues and adopt a more sustainable business model, our expert-led corporate sustainability diploma will give you the right tools and skills to make the switch.

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