Why is sustainability everyone’s responsibility?

sustainability responsibility

Achieving environmental sustainability is about respecting, protecting, and saving nature, but also about creating a brighter society for all. Sustainability is not one group’s responsibility. Due to the plethora of ways sustainability impacts life on Earth, sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. 

If we are to meet our ambitious climate goals in our current tight timeline, we need to work together. Collective action is what will enable us to reach net zero and tackle major challenges like deforestation, climate change, and plastic pollution. Continue reading to learn about sustainability responsibility and why we must all work together to secure a more prosperous society. 

Why sustainability is everyone’s priority, and we need collective action to fight climate change

To understand why sustainability is important, it can be helpful to look at how it affects our lives. The ability to meet the demands of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs summarises the umbrella term, sustainability. Furthermore, it is essential to understand that sustainability involves social, economic, and environmental factors. 

The main kind of sustainability that is relatively known is environmental sustainability which focuses on our ability to conserve ecosystems and use natural resources like air, soil, and water responsibly to support the well-being of all living beings and maintain the balance of ecosystems. Some issues we are currently facing under environmental sustainability include deforestation, climate change, species extinction, and pollution, which affect everyone across the globe. 

For instance, social sustainability refers to issues like human rights, well-being, and social justice and focuses on the equitable distribution of opportunities and resources. Other issues that fall under this category include access to healthcare and education, inequality, and poverty. 

Economic sustainability then surrounds the creation of a sustainable and stable economy, which allows for enhanced support for all members of our society. Some issues focused on under this umbrella include the sustainable use of natural resources and the fair distribution of opportunities and wealth. 

With all of this in mind, sustainability affects all aspects of life, and the actions and decisions of businesses, governments, and individuals can have a considerable impact on our future. Therefore, it is in all of our best interests to protect the planet, and climate change cannot be tackled by one group solely but by every member of society, collectively.

In order words, businesses must work to build more sustainable and responsible organisations, but individuals should also make eco-conscious choices in their everyday lives. Governments then should create and implement policies that further help us excel toward our sustainability goals. 


Sustainability is about more than simply protecting the planet so future generations can thrive. It is also about building a socially strong society with economic stability to boost prosperity for all. Once we realise the interconnected nature of these problems and join forces toward a greener future, we can bring about a better world for all members of society. 
We recognise there is growing pressure on businesses to make the shift for their shareholders, customers, and the public. At the Institute of Sustainability Studies, we are helping businesses to take their first steps and kickstart their sustainability journeys. Our business sustainability course curated by experts will give you all the practical guidance, tools, and education you need to make your organisation more eco-conscious and responsible.


Bronagh Loughlin

Bronagh Loughlin

Bronagh is the CEO and Lead Journalist at Purpose Content Studio, which provides purpose-driven brands, publications, and organisations with impactful, journalistic content, so they can spark positive change.

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