Green Transition Fund

Green Transition Fund

It comprises two separate streams of funding, to support the different aspects of the decarbonisation journey for Irish enterprises. These are:

  • Climate Planning Fund for Business – building company capability to develop plans for lower-carbon products, processes, and business models.
  • Enterprise Emissions Reduction Investment Fund– supporting capital investment and Research, Development & Innovation in decarbonisation

Green Transition Fund – Climate Planning

The Climate Planning Fund for Business (CPFB) is targeted at companies of different sizes and at different stages of engagement in their decarbonisation journey. It comprises a range of offers to reflect the different levels of engagement and preparedness of companies. The offers being provided under the CPFB will support companies to accelerate their awareness of decarbonisation opportunities, build capability and put in place sustainability plans.

Enterprise Emissions Reduction Investment Fund

Companies are at different stages of awareness, engagement and planning for the investments required to transform the sustainability performance of their business through decarbonisation. The Enterprise Emissions Reduction Investment Fund is targeted at companies of different sizes and stages of engagement in their decarbonisation journey: to put in place energy monitoring systems, thereby establishing the carbon footprint of their enterprise; to make investments in decarbonising their manufacturing processes; and to support Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) in low carbon products and processes.

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