Graduate Story: Dianne Hill

Dianne Hill

“The knowledge from the course has made me do my job better”

Dianne Hill
Compliance Manager at Vision Linens
Diploma in Business Sustainability Graduate

Tell me about the company

Vision Linens is a respected textile supply partner with offices in Dubai, India, China, Pakistan, and Bahrain. 

Why did you decide to do the course? 

I joined the company eight years ago but I found things were moving faster than I was. We own another hospitality company, and their goal is to become a leader in sustainability. The things they were asking me to do were intimidating me. 

We had already started implementing some sustainability initiatives at Vision Linens like the Better Cotton Initiative but we had further to go and I felt things were going to take off at an even quicker pace. I felt I needed some education, and this is what led me to do the Diploma in Business Sustainability course. 

Tell me about your learning experience on the course

The course opened my eyes, particularly on topics like green finance. It helped me catch up on sustainability-related topics and ultimately, get up to speed. Overall, I feel more confident speaking 

What has been the impact of completing the course?

We’ve introduced a lot of initiatives including joining the UN Global Compact. Additionally, I’m in a place where I’m able to train other team members based on my learnings from the course. For example, I’ve two gentlemen in India that I’m teaching how to do sustainability reports. 

Moreover, I’ve been asked by other companies we work with for support in calculating their carbon footprints and helping them address sustainability. Finally, having the foundational knowledge, I’m in a good position to introduce more sustainability practices in the organisation.

As a company, we have found when we’re doing tenders or talking to clients, they are really impressed that we have someone who is trained in sustainability matters. When I’m speaking with sustainability managers or directors from our client companies, we’re on the same level and they trust that. 

What are some of the company’s sustainability plans for the future? 

We’re assessing other green practices like using cornstarch packaging instead of plastic bags. This would be revolutionary for us as right now, we are mainly using recyclable bags. We are using paper tape instead of sellotape and recycling all our boxes too.

Ultimately, we are focusing now on making our product range more sustainable. We published our sustainability report last year and I’m currently trying to get the US branch to produce a report that is even higher level. 

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about doing the course?

Do it – the course opens your eyes. Your eyes are already open but its teachings allow you to see what more you can do. The course does exactly what it says on the tin and the knowledge has made me do my job better.


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