Info session - Nov 30, 2023 Nazia

Online Information Session – 30th November

Understand how you can gain insights into essential sustainability concepts to effectively lead initiatives at your organisation and develop skills to assess and report on business sustainability with clarity and precision.

Info session - Nov 02, 2023 Shruthi

Online Information Session November

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of key sustainability topics and challenges. Learn how you can gain practical skills to assess and report on business sustainability.

water stewardship

What is water stewardship?

Understand water stewardship and its crucial role in sustainable business practices. Learn how it shapes corporate responsibility & success.

plastic pollution in water bodies

What is deplastification? 

Discover deplastification; the drive to reduce plastic use and its impact on our planet. Learn key strategies for a sustainable future.

Diploma in Business Sustainability

Want to gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainability best practices and get equipped with the practical knowledge needed to lead sustainability initiatives at your organisation?