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Webinar topic: Scope 3 Emissions: What are they and how do you calculate them?

Navigating the complexities of Scope 3 emissions is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance their sustainability practices and meet evolving regulatory standards. Understanding these indirect emissions can significantly impact your sustainability reporting and environmental strategy, particularly under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Join us for an insightful webinar, “Scope 3 Emissions: What are they and how do you calculate them?”, led by sustainability expert Gráinne McIvor. With extensive experience in both consultancy and retail sectors, Gráinne will guide you through the intricate landscape of Scope 3 emissions, covering the 15 different categories, calculation methods, and the integration of these emissions into corporate reduction targets. This session is essential for anyone involved in sustainability planning and reporting, providing the tools and insights needed to accurately assess and report Scope 3 emissions as part of your organisation’s broader environmental impact.

About the Speaker

Gráinne McIvor

Gráinne McIvor

Sustainability Manager at Homestore and More

Gráinne McIvor is a seasoned sustainability expert, currently spearheading sustainability initiatives at Homestore and More, Ireland’s leading homewares retailer. Previously, she was part of Goodbody Clearstream consultancy, where she advised a diverse clientele, ranging from large corporations to SMEs, on climate strategy. Gráinne graduated with first-class honours in BSc Environmental Science and Technology from Dublin City University and holds an ISO 14064-3 certification from Futurepast.

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Available Webinar Replays

CSRD Readiness – Essential Steps and Best Practices

Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), including its background, significance, and the critical need for readiness. Learn about key components, requirements, and the timeline for implementation. Discover the business impact, including compliance benefits and strategic advantages. This webinar will equip businesses with essential knowledge to navigate CSRD compliance, avoid penalties, and embrace sustainable practices that align with regulatory standards and enhance their competitive edge in the market.

Charting the Course: Navigating the Landscape of Sustainability Leadership

Attendees will learn the key principles of sustainability leadership, including long-term vision, systems thinking, and innovation. They’ll explore characteristics of effective leaders, such as passion, visionary leadership, and emotional intelligence. The session will also cover strategies for integrating sustainability into the boardroom, focusing on board composition, strategic planning, and risk management. This will equip participants with the knowledge to drive sustainable practices and positive outcomes in their organisations.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Greenwashing

In this webinar, we’ll dissect how to discern true eco-friendly initiatives from marketing facades. Focusing on transparency, authenticity, and the critical role of certifications and standards, we aim to arm you with the knowledge to identify genuine sustainability efforts.

We’ll tackle the challenge of greenwashing, revealing how to spot misleading claims and support authentic green practices. This session promises to clarify the landscape of environmental claims, guiding you toward informed decisions that foster a genuinely sustainable future. Join us in championing transparency and authenticity in sustainability.

Food Waste – The Elephant in the Corner

This webinar will provide an overview of food waste as an issue at a global, regional and national level. Learn interesting and compelling facts about food waste and gain insights into this topic and the significant opportunity it offers to address climate change in a real and impactful way.

Food waste is an area that gets less attention and yet, in terms of the battle against climate change, it is extremely significant and should be relatively easy to address. So why is it overlooked? Watch the video and find out!

Managing a Supply Chain on a Climate Action Journey

In this webinar, Stephen guides SMEs on their climate action journey. The session begins by highlighting the spontaneous adoption of sustainability practices in SMEs, with a focus on the crucial role of procurement and supply chain management. Participants will gain an understanding of the myriad benefits of climate action, including enhanced reputation and financial gains.

The webinar also explores the key drivers pushing SMEs towards sustainability, such as impending legislation and supply chain challenges. Stephen emphasises the importance of aligning sustainability goals with the UN SDGs and outlines a structured approach that includes audits, baseline assessments, and implementation plans.

What sustainability frameworks mean for businesses

Join us as we delve into the pivotal role that regulations play in shaping sustainable practices across industries. Sarah Blake, webinar speaker, will guide you through the intricate web of environmental regulations with a focus on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) helping you understand their implications and providing actionable insights to ensure compliance while driving positive ecological change.

Together, let’s explore the dynamic intersection of regulations, frameworks, innovation, and a greener future. Join us for this enlightening session and become an advocate for change in the pursuit of a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Voluntary Carbon Markets

This webinar will provide an in-depth exploration of the voluntary carbon markets and their significance in achieving global climate goals. Javier will talk about the difference between voluntary and compliant carbon markets, examine real-world case studies, and unpack the co-benefits of voluntary carbon projects beyond emission reductions.

You will gain insights into the key mechanisms, challenges, and opportunities offered by these markets, contributing to informed decisions in the pursuit of a sustainable and net-zero future.

Navigating the ESG landscape

As the business landscape continues to evolve, ESG considerations have emerged as essential drivers of sustainable business growth. By understanding and effectively navigating the ESG landscape, companies can position themselves for success in the long term while creating positive social and environmental impact.

In this webinar, Michael shares valuable insights and practical strategies to integrate ESG principles into organisations and contribute to a more sustainable future. He will also dive into ESG reporting, and building a diverse team to tackle all the changes around sustainability and climate change.

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