Looking at business sustainability through the upskilling lens

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“Businesses are under increasing pressure from all stakeholders to improve the sustainability performance of their operations.

Companies must integrate sustainability principles to remain competitive, meet stakeholder demands, and stay ahead of looming regulatory requirements. You will need the right skills and knowledge to do all this.

I worked in sustainability consulting for several years, helping organisations from all different sectors and sizes begin the first stages of their sustainability transformation.

I understood quite early on that the only way to ensure the integration of sustainable business practices into any organisation was through education and upskilling of individuals.

Furthermore, I believe every job is becoming a green job, and all employees need to understand how their role impacts an organisation’s sustainability goals.

External consultants, like I was, can only help to a certain extent. Internal teams must have the necessary skills to implement the critical steps to improve their business. I brought this expertise to the Institute of Sustainability Studies to enable whole organisations to internalise sustainability through learning.” – Niall Collins, COO, Institute of Sustainability Studies

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